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Monday, July 4, 2011

Mystery Team

Watched this movie thanks to Netflix Streaming's suggestions.

Painful, but in a fun way. Three guys who started a detective agency when they were 7 are now about to graduate high school, but are still in Encyclopedia Brown mode. Faced with either grasping reality or trying to become grownup detectives, they decide to take little Brittany's case and try to find who murdered both of her parents. Her older sister Kelly inspires both lead detective Jason's fire for justice and fire in his loins, and the three man-children are off using their powers of Boy Geniushood, Mastery of Disguise (dear god ow), and being the Strongest Boy on the Block.

It is very strong in the 'oh no, they are about to face an adult situation they are ill prepared for!', but still manages to be funny. Predictable, but a fun predictable, and the characters are amusing. Not high comedy, nor is it anything I'd have paid to see in the theater, but a good weekday-evening, vegging after dinner flick.

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