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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've missed blogging

Hey there!

I realized over the weekend that I have stopped blogging, thanks to the creativity slayer that is Facebook. This means that I have, by and large, stopped writing. Not cool.

So, I figured I'd try something new. See if maybe I can stick with it.

So, here it is: The Fuck Yeah Moment. Yes, I said a naughty word. It is not going to be the last one on this blog by a long shot. If that bothers you, bail now.

What is a Fuck Yeah Moment? They're what I call the little random weirdnesses, awesome videos, or general inducers of merriment that I find on the internet. I like to share them via Facebook, but I don't usually comment on them much beyond a line or two. So, this is where I will post a little more when the moment merits it.

It's also going to be home to the 'Fuck the What?' Moment. I want to do an at-least-weekly assessment of whatever random bit of internet weirdness has caught my eye and my productivity. This will include memes, trends, internet celebrities, internet shows, and other bits and bobs. Some may have been around for an age and I'm just getting around to them, some may be brand new, some may be a flash in the pan. I may wind up doing a bunch right off the bat, as there are a bunch that I am currently doofing around with.

So, here it is. Provided I don't flake, maybe this'll become something cool. We can hope.

Internet love,

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  1. Also, I'm not going to advertise this until I've maintained it for at least two weeks. I've tanked out on enough stuff.